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Errors in the physics: HIGGS BOSON


Came to tell in more details time about likely most fashionable today to a "mathematical" fairy tale in the physicist.


It was required to Standard model and its ally of the Quantum theory to explain, the weight at elementary particles whence undertakes. Clear business what to agree with a weight explanation as equivalent of energy of electromagnetic fields of elementary particles for this couple is equivalent to suicide. Therefore it was necessary to invent characteristic mechanism of investment in weight of elementary particles. And they made it as follows:

  1. Tore off from electromagnetic interactions a part, falling into to interactions of electric fields and named its electromagnetic interaction. Thus forgot about magnetic interactions of elementary particles.
  2. Declared that for an electromagnetic interaction the photon (at him the rest-mass is equal to zero, and the spin is equal 1) answers.
  3. Chose a small group of vector mesons (W and Z bosons) with a spin equal 1 and appointed their responsible for the weak interaction which has been earlier thought up for an explanation of disintegrations of elementary particles. Thus about other vector mesons forgot.
  4. As at the selected vector mesons of spin too it appeared equal 1 them united together with a photon and called all it is calibration bosons. About other bosons forgot.
  5. As at vector mesons the rest-mass is distinct from zero the small group of elementary particles in which at one particle a zero rest-mass turned out and at all the others - nonzero.
  6. United the torn off electromagnetic interaction with a nonexistent weak interaction in the nature and named it an electroweak interaction.
  7. Attributed to the invented electroweak interaction symmetry (it between a photon and vector mesons between which cannot be symmetry) and called its electroweak symmetry.
  8. Decided that constantly there is a process of spontaneous infringement of the invented electroweak symmetry Higgs mechanism and a Higgs field corresponding to it therefore elementary particles possessing a weak interaction has a weight.
  9. As almost all elementary particles, according to the Quantum theory, should possess earlier thought up weak interaction decided that for presence of weight of elementary particles the invented Higgs field answers. In the nature the Higgs field is not observed.
  10. Well and to the thought up Higgs field, as well as it is necessary in the Quantum theory, attributed quantum – a Higgs boson, without asking the nature consent. Clear business that the invented quantum appeared short-lived differently at once there is a question: why it till now did not see.


Thus, the mechanism explaining presence of a rest-mass at elementary particles has been invented.

Further a Higgs boson can name one of again open bosons with whom number infinity, but can and invent the mechanism like « Confinement » for "a theoretical" substantiation of impossibility of supervision of a Higgs boson in the free kind. After all thought up the same fairy is tale for quarks with gluons and many pecked. Why in the second time not to try.


Now about that, whence in the nature there is a weight at elementary particles.

Each elementary particle, except a photon, has constants electric and magnetic weeding, and also a variable electromagnetic field (wave properties of elementary particles are a consequence of presence of a variable electromagnetic field). Further we summarize energy of all fields and it is divisible on a light speed square (according to Einstein's formula). Also it is not necessary to invent any Higgs mechanism together with a Higgs field – all very simply: the usual classical electrodynamics and Einstein's formula work.


Vladimir Gorunovich



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